Worm Botana, Anyone?

Can you find the reason why I want to get a chicken in every single one of these pictures? Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain view. These are my bougainvilleas, and they… Continue reading

Rocket Potato

I try to eat pretty healthy.   In order to do so, I prepare most of my own food, which is difficult because I am always on the run.  Here is one of my… Continue reading

Repositories of Correspondence

Yesterday, I noticed how many of the mailboxes in my beachside neighborhood are playful or interesting and not just a boring white or black box on a pole. They offer intriguing tidbits of insight about the… Continue reading

Before An Angel Departs

Today, I hit a wall which rose up out of nowhere. I miss my friend Josh Wisham so much–which is kind of silly, because I haven’t seen him in a few years.  Just… Continue reading

Three Badgers

THE THREE BADGERS From Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Carroll – “ ‘And are not these the Fish,’ the Eldest sighed. ‘Whose Mother dwells beneath the foam?’ ‘They are the Fish!’ the Second… Continue reading

Is Maximilian to Blame?

So these are “French” Marigolds.  They are native to Central Mexico. The petals of marigolds which have not been sprayed with pesticide are safe to eat.  In fact, marigolds have long been used in… Continue reading

Bagnio della Luna

Earlier this week we had clear skies and a radiant Harvest Moon. The night of the full moon and for the following two evenings, I went out on my patio in the wee… Continue reading


©Doing some research into the meaning and folklore of cyclamen, I found out that they are a flower of departures—a “goodbye” flower.  They are considered so much so, pregnant women were not to… Continue reading

In the Raw

This is how my morning routine typically begins.  I brew Japanese green tea.  I then select a jar of honey from my collection and have a spoonful.(This one is Xiui-Teenek from Jalpan in the Sierra Gorda… Continue reading


©Hummingbirds buzzed around my head as I popped blackberries in my mouth on my patio before going to work this morning. In honor of Chef K, who is about to pop any moment,… Continue reading

Li’l Monk

Harvesting lemon verbena today. (I provide organic lemon verbena for tea where I work.) This little guy reminds me of a monk dressed like on the old Ken Wright label, but not as… Continue reading

Tastes Like Chicken?

©  To me, the epitome of a perfectly brewed gyokuro tea is that it will smell like fried chicken skin. I may have it all wrong–that perhaps this chicken skin aroma is an… Continue reading