I asked a friend how I could help today in her kitchen.  She had purchased some fresh chicken and turkey eggs at the market that morning and had just finished washing them… Continue reading


Before I was two years old, I was already a oenophile.  My life has revolved around food and wine ever since I sneaked out of my high-chair and drank my parents’ goblets of… Continue reading

Golden, Arches, Lunch

We are the only people finishing up lunch in the back of a restaurant in a sleepy little square .  A man pops his head into the door and asks me if I want to… Continue reading

Tres Para Cinquenta

My mother feels that this woman radiates a beauty from within.

Remnant of Breakfast

Rosas Nudas

Beautiful!!! Two dozen cream roses sent as a thank you from the big CEO I helped when he was choking.  (Original post here)            

Sunrise: Time for Bed!!!

Usually the only time I am up to see the sunrise is when I haven’t been to bed. Today was more of the same. I was adding water to the fountain on the patio… Continue reading

Sweet Diana! (and a Poem by Percy Shelley)

Sometimes I think that moonbathing is just as important as sunbathing! Even though the moon is not full, she is a bright sun tonight. My patio always looks so magical in her radiance.… Continue reading

Fly with Me

I thought this photo was appropriate for the New Year—these studs checking out the winds and getting a gauge on the conditions. I ran across it recently when going through photos for a… Continue reading

Chower Your Showtay

This is chote (show-tay) and it likes high tropical forests.  The fruit, hanging loose above, is boiled in water with sugar for a dessert. The locals also dry it, pulverize it, and then put it in… Continue reading

Carpe Diem Daily Haiku~ Icicles

~ on our computers you type about icicles i slurp on a pear   ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ come in warm caress protective icicles melt eyes are slightly wet   ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ … Continue reading

Carpe Diem Daily Haiku ~ Quilt

bright side down on sand let the wind unfurl my quilt day bed by the sea   my quilt on the beach white patch under whiter sun shared with biting flies   salt water on… Continue reading