One Egg

While breakfasting on my patio today, I noticed the hummingbird, which has been rebuilding a nest this past week in her old spot, sitting very still for many minutes at a time.  When… Continue reading

The Good Life

Nothing better than going to work with sand between one’s toes and Don Julio in one’s belly!!!  

Hummer Nest Duel

A female hummingbird had been scavenging nesting material from a year-old nest outside my window to build another elsewhere throughout January.  Now that I have returned from my trip to Mexico, I have… Continue reading

Here, Piggy Piggy!!!

My family has always been terrible at saving money, preferring to live life on the more spontaneous side.  One thing that my parents decided to do was get this ceramic piggy bank and deposit… Continue reading

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!!!

Street scene in my parent’s neighborhood in Mexico while walking home from the Sunday market on February 10th.  I don’t know if anyone was celebrating the Lunar New Year, but I have always enjoyed these cheery banners which… Continue reading

Missed Shot

My mother and I were walking to the market yesterday when we rounded a corner a block from our house.  The street was empty of people and cars, however there was this horse tied… Continue reading

New Year / Last Margaritas

On this last day of visiting with my parents, I asked Poppy if he would make margaritas if I picked the limes.  He, of course, agreed.  Mums told me that when I was ready for… Continue reading

Kicking Love

Today, I had opportunity to go swimming in a small private pool.  The tranquility was soothing as I sat down on the pool’s edge, slipping my feet in the water.  I started to… Continue reading

Offerings of Deer and Arrows and Feathers

On the back of this Huichol yarn painting the following is written on the wood: En este cuadro bemos (vemos) las ofrendas que estan aya en San Blas que es aya en Ayamara… Continue reading


  This is Maya.  She is the jaguar who watches over Casa de los Tulipanes.  Maya is the progeny of the late Alberto Bautista Gomez who specialized in burnished clay pieces.  Bautista Gomez began working with… Continue reading


Our very good friends have agreed to let me photograph some of the items in their collection for me to share with you here in exchange for some advice on their cellar and… Continue reading

Rooftop Sunset

It looks so tropical–even in February!  Would you believe that this is over 1800 m (6000 ft)  above sea level?