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Coming home from the hospital this evening, a double rainbow in Tequis.     Advertisements

Kicking Love

Today, I had opportunity to go swimming in a small private pool.  The tranquility was soothing as I sat down on the pool’s edge, slipping my feet in the water.  I started to… Continue reading

Sweet Diana! (and a Poem by Percy Shelley)

Sometimes I think that moonbathing is just as important as sunbathing! Even though the moon is not full, she is a bright sun tonight. My patio always looks so magical in her radiance.… Continue reading


पवित्र White पवित्र White is the sum of all colors.  White is reflective.  Therefore, white gives back.  What is it you would like to receive? ~Nina White is the symbol for purity.  In… Continue reading

Divining Green Mysterious

What follows are various threads from some photo posts of mine on a social network site.   Since the main topic of these threads  has travelled from Zaire to England to Indiana to Mexico,… Continue reading

Sweet Disco Balls

Do you see the hearts?  I oftentimes will take fresh organic fruit out onto my patio for breakfast.  Since it is late morning when I rouse myself, I usually lay on a towel, and soak… Continue reading

Bellisimi Amici

Before I run to the beach, I thought I would post a few photos of my orchids.  I snapped these today while eating some GoRaw Apple Granola with organic prune juice and a… Continue reading

Lengthy, Mundane Whining Turns into Restoration

I was feeling ambivalent about going to the trade show Monday in L.A., even though I had asked for the day off of work to do so. I very much wanted to experience this… Continue reading

Any Thing is Possible

Two films which remind me of this: Man on Wire and Tajna Nikole Tesle – Both are bittersweet, but for very different reasons. – Man on Wire is obvious, since the Twin Towers… Continue reading

Bagnio della Luna

Earlier this week we had clear skies and a radiant Harvest Moon. The night of the full moon and for the following two evenings, I went out on my patio in the wee… Continue reading

In the Raw

This is how my morning routine typically begins.  I brew Japanese green tea.  I then select a jar of honey from my collection and have a spoonful.(This one is Xiui-Teenek from Jalpan in the Sierra Gorda… Continue reading


©Foregoing sleep and breakfast to tear into the patio in my red silk lingerie, I am gently surprised when I look up to find myself being watched by two beads for eyes.   Ah, to sit serenely surrounded… Continue reading