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She Loves Me

I have had this girl for about a month now. Yesterday, my variegated Brugmansia rewarded me with a show of 20+ creamy blooms. At night, they have a delicate perfume reminiscent of absinthe.  Yummymagic love!!! Advertisements


Wow!  I can’t believe it has been this long since a post.  I’m sorry about that.  I am having issues with my computer shutting down often enough for me to avoid being on… Continue reading

One Egg

While breakfasting on my patio today, I noticed the hummingbird, which has been rebuilding a nest this past week in her old spot, sitting very still for many minutes at a time.  When… Continue reading

Hummer Nest Duel

A female hummingbird had been scavenging nesting material from a year-old nest outside my window to build another elsewhere throughout January.  Now that I have returned from my trip to Mexico, I have… Continue reading

New Year / Last Margaritas

On this last day of visiting with my parents, I asked Poppy if he would make margaritas if I picked the limes.  He, of course, agreed.  Mums told me that when I was ready for… Continue reading

Remnant of Breakfast

Sweet Diana! (and a Poem by Percy Shelley)

Sometimes I think that moonbathing is just as important as sunbathing! Even though the moon is not full, she is a bright sun tonight. My patio always looks so magical in her radiance.… Continue reading


Knowledge is not just intake, but the integration of information into one’s very being. From any remote spot, one can access information electronically: the library at Oxford, interactive exchanges about mathematics, the latest… Continue reading

Sweet Disco Balls

Do you see the hearts?  I oftentimes will take fresh organic fruit out onto my patio for breakfast.  Since it is late morning when I rouse myself, I usually lay on a towel, and soak… Continue reading

Bellisimi Amici

Before I run to the beach, I thought I would post a few photos of my orchids.  I snapped these today while eating some GoRaw Apple Granola with organic prune juice and a… Continue reading

Worm Botana, Anyone?

Can you find the reason why I want to get a chicken in every single one of these pictures? Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain view. These are my bougainvilleas, and they… Continue reading

Bagnio della Luna

Earlier this week we had clear skies and a radiant Harvest Moon. The night of the full moon and for the following two evenings, I went out on my patio in the wee… Continue reading