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  I asked a friend how I could help today in her kitchen.  She had purchased some fresh chicken and turkey eggs at the market that morning and had just finished washing them… Continue reading

Remnant of Breakfast

What Could Be Better?

This is the butter I made, and it is delicious!!! I’m wondering if I will buy store-bought butter again. It is easy to do, you can check out how to and the chemistry… Continue reading

Fuyus For Yous

There are two types of persimmons one will most likely see in the U.S., but they are very different from one another. The Fuyu is squatter and flatter-looking, like a tomato.  These should be… Continue reading

Carrot Synchronicity!!!

I was in the check-out lane at the grocery unloading organic produce at the register.  A good-looking guy in his mid-thirties waiting behind me glanced at the three glorious bunches of carrots I plucked… Continue reading

Forbidden Fruit

Yay!  Figs!  I love that they ooze their own honey! When my parents asked me what I wanted as a birthday gift last year, I told them I wanted them to plant a… Continue reading

Lengthy, Mundane Whining Turns into Restoration

I was feeling ambivalent about going to the trade show Monday in L.A., even though I had asked for the day off of work to do so. I very much wanted to experience this… Continue reading

Rocket Potato

I try to eat pretty healthy.   In order to do so, I prepare most of my own food, which is difficult because I am always on the run.  Here is one of my… Continue reading

Is Maximilian to Blame?

So these are “French” Marigolds.  They are native to Central Mexico. The petals of marigolds which have not been sprayed with pesticide are safe to eat.  In fact, marigolds have long been used in… Continue reading

In the Raw

This is how my morning routine typically begins.  I brew Japanese green tea.  I then select a jar of honey from my collection and have a spoonful.(This one is Xiui-Teenek from Jalpan in the Sierra Gorda… Continue reading

Li’l Monk

Harvesting lemon verbena today. (I provide organic lemon verbena for tea where I work.) This little guy reminds me of a monk dressed like on the old Ken Wright label, but not as… Continue reading


Bees on the brain as I enjoy my new morning staple: Naterra Avocado Blossom Honey, Dagoba 100% Unsweetened Organic Chocolate, and a sprinkle of sea salt.