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Aire Musical

One of the things I love about Mexico is that there always seems to be music in the air. I had to go to a second drug store on the main drag through… Continue reading


A little bit of herbal magic on the house with my espresso at La Taberna J & R.  Thank you, Victor, for providing me a little oasis this afternoon! Everything I have had here is… Continue reading


Coming home from the hospital this evening, a double rainbow in Tequis.    


This is what I was tucking into as I called my father to tell him I should have my Mexican passport by next Wednesday.   I had two dear friends sit with me… Continue reading

Papi’s Hues

A special gallery of flowers for my Father…  

She Loves Me

I have had this girl for about a month now. Yesterday, my variegated Brugmansia rewarded me with a show of 20+ creamy blooms. At night, they have a delicate perfume reminiscent of absinthe.  Yummymagic love!!!


“Nina, you should have men feeding you Krug and corn chips all the time.” My dear friend, I couldn’t agree with you more.

The Good Life

Nothing better than going to work with sand between one’s toes and Don Julio in one’s belly!!!  

New Year / Last Margaritas

On this last day of visiting with my parents, I asked Poppy if he would make margaritas if I picked the limes.  He, of course, agreed.  Mums told me that when I was ready for… Continue reading

Kicking Love

Today, I had opportunity to go swimming in a small private pool.  The tranquility was soothing as I sat down on the pool’s edge, slipping my feet in the water.  I started to… Continue reading

Offerings of Deer and Arrows and Feathers

On the back of this Huichol yarn painting the following is written on the wood: En este cuadro bemos (vemos) las ofrendas que estan aya en San Blas que es aya en Ayamara… Continue reading

Rosas Nudas

Beautiful!!! Two dozen cream roses sent as a thank you from the big CEO I helped when he was choking.  (Original post here)