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Bracts & Butterfly

Seen on the walk to the market with my mother the last time I was in Mexico… Advertisements

Papi’s Hues

A special gallery of flowers for my Father…  

Succulent Mystery

A pretty surprise on a recent walk. Anyone know what kind of succulent this is?

She Loves Me

I have had this girl for about a month now. Yesterday, my variegated Brugmansia rewarded me with a show of 20+ creamy blooms. At night, they have a delicate perfume reminiscent of absinthe.  Yummymagic love!!!

“Where the Bee Sucks, There Suck I”

Ariel in Shakespeare’s Comedy of the Tempest Act V Scene I

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!!!

Street scene in my parent’s neighborhood in Mexico while walking home from the Sunday market on February 10th.  I don’t know if anyone was celebrating the Lunar New Year, but I have always enjoyed these cheery banners which… Continue reading

Offerings of Deer and Arrows and Feathers

On the back of this Huichol yarn painting the following is written on the wood: En este cuadro bemos (vemos) las ofrendas que estan aya en San Blas que es aya en Ayamara… Continue reading

Tres Para Cinquenta

My mother feels that this woman radiates a beauty from within.

Remnant of Breakfast

Rosas Nudas

Beautiful!!! Two dozen cream roses sent as a thank you from the big CEO I helped when he was choking.  (Original post here)            

Chower Your Showtay

This is chote (show-tay) and it likes high tropical forests.  The fruit, hanging loose above, is boiled in water with sugar for a dessert. The locals also dry it, pulverize it, and then put it in… Continue reading


पवित्र White पवित्र White is the sum of all colors.  White is reflective.  Therefore, white gives back.  What is it you would like to receive? ~Nina White is the symbol for purity.  In… Continue reading