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Teddy Bear

I think this little hummer outside my window looks like a little teddy bear.   Advertisements

While We are on the Subject…

Isn’t this photo wonderful???!!!  I found it while doing some research on this hummingbird.  Dubi Shapiro was kind enough to let me use it.  I wanted to share this video about the Spatultail.  Every… Continue reading


Originally posted on This is Rated NC-17:
As with anything Jodorowsky, this probably is not going to be what you are expecting. I invite those who have an interest in philosophy and decidedly…


“Why be so proud that you refuse to take little steps when little steps are all that you can do?  If you cannot make grand strides, at least try to move an inch.  An… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Natural Geometry and Paradise

One of the most beautiful and thoughtful films I have seen which expresses the beauty of nature is Majid Majidi’s, The Color of Paradise.   The film is especially thought provoking because the protagonist… Continue reading