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Teddy Bear

I think this little hummer outside my window looks like a little teddy bear.   Advertisements

While We are on the Subject…

Isn’t this photo wonderful???!!!  I found it while doing some research on this hummingbird.  Dubi Shapiro was kind enough to let me use it.  I wanted to share this video about the Spatultail.  Every… Continue reading


Wow!  I can’t believe it has been this long since a post.  I’m sorry about that.  I am having issues with my computer shutting down often enough for me to avoid being on… Continue reading

One Egg

While breakfasting on my patio today, I noticed the hummingbird, which has been rebuilding a nest this past week in her old spot, sitting very still for many minutes at a time.  When… Continue reading

Hummer Nest Duel

A female hummingbird had been scavenging nesting material from a year-old nest outside my window to build another elsewhere throughout January.  Now that I have returned from my trip to Mexico, I have… Continue reading


I woke up this morning, ready to get going.  I got dressed and, after about a half an hour, I went into my bedroom to make my bed.  Pulling back the comforter, I… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal in the Palm

Baby hummers in the palm outside my front door.  Time span between first photo and last is 14 days. They sure do grow quickly!!!


©Hummingbirds buzzed around my head as I popped blackberries in my mouth on my patio before going to work this morning. In honor of Chef K, who is about to pop any moment,… Continue reading