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A little bit of herbal magic on the house with my espresso at La Taberna J & R.  Thank you, Victor, for providing me a little oasis this afternoon! Everything I have had here is… Continue reading


This is what I was tucking into as I called my father to tell him I should have my Mexican passport by next Wednesday.   I had two dear friends sit with me… Continue reading


“Nina, you should have men feeding you Krug and corn chips all the time.” My dear friend, I couldn’t agree with you more.

The Good Life

Nothing better than going to work with sand between one’s toes and Don Julio in one’s belly!!!  

New Year / Last Margaritas

On this last day of visiting with my parents, I asked Poppy if he would make margaritas if I picked the limes.  He, of course, agreed.  Mums told me that when I was ready for… Continue reading

Chower Your Showtay

This is chote (show-tay) and it likes high tropical forests.  The fruit, hanging loose above, is boiled in water with sugar for a dessert. The locals also dry it, pulverize it, and then put it in… Continue reading


…and I LOVE THIS FUN VIDEO!!!!  Especially recommended for foodies and wine tasters who want to let their hair down!!!  Put on your fun goggles and come to a TEA-PAR-TEA!!!! Thank you, Fungineers!!!  Check out… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

Tar and Rose Spritz

I REALLY dug how the teensy little remainder of Gaja Sperss 1998 in my glass exploded into an aromatic rose garden when, without rinsing, I reused the glass  to drink sparkling water.    Mmmmmmmmmm, roses!!!!

A Refreshing & Easy Recipe for Next Summer with an Intermission to Boogie

Fall has finally come to Southern California.  I waited too long to get a final usable harvest of my lemon verbena and had to prune the forlorn plant down to its nubbins.  I stuffed my… Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday from Your Bad Daughter!

I can’t believe I forgot to call you on your birthday!  I had been thinking about you all week—I even went out to do a little shopping for you beforehand.  However, come Halloween, I completely spaced it.… Continue reading


BACCHUS Ralph Waldo Emerson As printed in The New Oxford Book of American Verse; Chosen and Edited by Richard Ellmann; 1976   Bring me wine, but wine which never grew In the belly… Continue reading