I have many loves.   I am extremely fortunate to have been blessed with a life which has always revolved around food, the arts, education, travel, and—most importantly—loved ones.

With all the negativity that we currently have in the world, I want to pay homage to the beauty in the little things which are so easily taken for granted.   I need to make certain that I am doing my part to spread more love and good vibies during my time on our mishandled planet.  This blog is a gentle reminder to myself to do so.

If you are in need of some sexy cynicism, check out my sister site: http://thisisratednc17.wordpress.com/

It is rated mature because I never know what my fevered brain will be mulling over.


  • If anyone is an editor or artist and wants to offer a constructive critique or correction of any kind (grammar, style, feedback on photos/artwork), I very much welcome this input.  We learn more from hearing about that upon which we can improve.  If offering artistic critique, please keep in mind that I don’t currently have Photoshop on my computer, merely the very rudimentary Windows Photo Gallery and Paint programs.  I am carving with stones here and cannot even straighten a picture.
  • All images and text, unless otherwise noted, are those of the author and therefore copyrighted.  For the most part, the photos are taken on my old Sony Cyber-shot 3.3 (!) Mega Pixel camera.  Yes, I have tried nicer, more modern cameras, but I hope THIS camera works forever!)