You Don’t Need a Lawyer to Get Your Mexican Citizenship if One of Your Parents is Mexican

YAY!!!  I have my Mexican Citizenship!!!

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It was so much easier and quicker than I expected. 


I was born in the USA.  My father is Mexican, and my mother is American.  I am eligible to attain Mexican citizenship through my father’s blood.  I was worried it would be difficult for two reasons.  One, my Spanish is passable, but I wasn’t sure I would understand the legalese of attaining my citizenship in a different language.  Two, my parents are both retired in Mexico and wouldn’t be coming anytime soon to the States.


There are people who are bilingual at the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana, California.  This is what you will need if your parents can’t go with you:


  1. Your driver’s license and two photocopies
  2. Your birth certificate and two photocopies
  3. Your Mexican parent’s birth certificate and two photocopies
  4. Your parents’ marriage license and two photocopies
  5. Two witnesses over the age of 18 with driver’s licenses and two photocopies of each
  6. An appointment


They will keep the original and a copy of your birth certificate and your parents’ marriage license.  They will keep the two copies of both your driver’s license and your Mexican parent’s birth certificate, giving you back the originals.


The hardest part of this is getting the appointment.  The ConsulMex phone number they give you on the website never worked for me.  Every time I called, I got a message saying in Spanish, “The line is busy.  Call back later.”  You can also make an appointment online.  If you cannot make an appointment online, call one of the people listed in the directory under the title “Cónsul de Documentación” or “Visas, Cartillas Militares, Menajes”.  I dealt with both Jazmin and Beatriz.  They were wonderfully helpful.  Incidentally, the department you will want is the Registro Civil.   Allow two hours for this, even with the appointment.


I told them how many copies I wanted of my “Act of Mexican Birth” and paid $13 USD for each.

Then you will come back in a few days to pick them up.  When you pick them up, you can get your Mexican passport.  Depending on how busy they are, they may or may not require you to make an appointment.  To get your Mexican passport you will need:

  1. Your driver’s license (and a copy)
  2. Your new “Act of Mexican Birth”
  3. A passport photo


You will then be instructed to fill out a form that they will provide.  They will attach your passport photo to the form and take another photo of you for your passport book.  I got a passport  good for 6 years (you will be given options).  This cost $101 USD.  I was in and out for the passport part in under an hour as there were not many people there that day.


Within three business days after the appointment to apply with my two witnesses,  I had my citizenship and my passport!!!




***You must have the originals or certified copies from the government.  If you are wondering if a document is not legit enough, I would probably go down and get the documents checked out before you drag two dear ones to sit at the consulate as witnesses for two hours.