Good Luck????

Not so long ago I was getting a pedicure.  As the woman was finishing with the lacquer, she asked me if I wanted a flower.  I have never really considered myself one for designs of any kind with my polish.  My mother was a Stephen’s girl and I guess a bit of that rubbed off on me.  Plain and classic are how we usually roll in this regard.  The most daring I have been with my nails is sometimes I will have colored lacquer on my toes and a french manicure on my fingers.  I was taught that they should always match.  

I had recently seen a very upscale version of a painted flower on a woman’s toes.  This, in combination with a few glasses of Champagne, must have impressed me enough to tell the salon person, “Sure, let’s put posies on my toesies!”

Now I keep catching a glimpse of my toes in my peripheral and thinking that a bird has pooped on them.