Shhhhhhh, It’s a Surprise…

I love the surprise I got for my parents in Mexico.  Per prior agreement, I will soon be bringing them Raji, a rescue doggie from the States.  The surprise is I wanted to get a cool tag made for the dog with my parents’ information on it.   I found this wonderful company which specializes in making custom dog tags, Island Top Designs, and contacted the owner, Paula.  You should check out her Facebook page and website because there is a wide assortment of great tags.  It is difficult to choose which one to get. 

We named Raji after Old Raj gin, because cocktail hour is part of my family’s religion, and this doggie acts like he is full of gin all the time (limp, lovey, floppy, sleepy).  I have also been in the alcoholic beverage biz and used to represent Old Raj and Priess Imports portfolio.

Old Raj 

I fell in love with many of Island Top’s designs.  They have a tag of a martini glass with an olive, but instead of the olive, I wanted to have a heart inside of the glass with a pick through it. 

I sent Paula a couple of sketches. 

Raji and tag 5

She emailed me back with a photo of the design she wanted to pass by me. 

Raji and tag 6

I wanted to make sure that you could read Raji’s name on the tag, and I thought it would be too small at the bottom, so I sent this to Paula:

Raji and tag 8

After we okayed the design, I sent payment, and in a few weeks–voilà!!!  I had my tag!  My parents’ phone number is on the back with the word “recompensa”, which means “reward” in Spanish.  Isn’t the tag great??!! 

Raji and tag 4

I wish I could say the same thing about Raji’s new haircut.  Oh well, I guess his Muppet eyebrows, which we all adored, will grow back.  Eventually.

Raji and tag  Raji and tag 2