All of It


A friend asked me recently which part of Mexico–aside from home–was my favorite.  I was a bit at a loss.  Mexico isn’t like other places I have traveled where I have definite “must-see” “must-stay” spots.  What I love about Mexico is the vibe.  There is often music in the air.  There is color everywhere.  There is a sense of magic, tradition, and possibility.  People care about their families.  They have pride.  There is a sense of community.  There is a gusto para vivir which seems less uptight to me than the French joie de vivre.  And, Mexicans know how to party.  Here is a poor quality video of a gathering of about 30 people at our friends’ house the last time I was there.  The mean age was probably somewhere around 60, and most of the guests did not leave until after 2 in the morning!!!

(The name of the flamenco guitarist is Noe Cobos Guirado.  You can hire him to play at your party anywhere in the surrounding area of San Miguel de Allende.)