So, this little guy has taken up all my spare time.  He is for my parents who want a dog for their home in Mexico.  I had the bright idea to rescue one for them.  Wow!  The adoption process has been much more difficult than I originally thought.  Most groups won’t consider adopting to me because I want to take the dog out of the country.  One person I spoke to in particular upset me with her militancy and ignorance.  I was describing to her the happy life the dog would have at its new home.  She said, “Yeah, but what would happen if it got out???  They EAT dogs there!!!”  I told her I was offended that she thought our neighbors would want to eat our dog and that nothing would happen to it that couldn’t happen here in the U.S. 

Later in the conversation, this same person implied that the reason the dog I was interested in had lost all of its teeth was because it had become malnourished eating “tacos and burritos”.  Evidently the dog had been found in a Hispanic neighborhood.  She had also told me that one time she made an exception and allowed a couple to take their rescue dog with them when they transferred to Great Britain—but this was only after they had already had the dog for several years here in the States AND she made sure that a friend, who was living in London at the time, went by to do a home check.  The conversation made me feel sorry for the humans in this person’s life.

However, eventually I did find a great group that was willing to let me take a rescue to Mexico.  This is Raji, named after Old Raj gin.  Gin martinis are an important part of the day in our household, and this dog always acts like he’s had one too many in that lazy, floppy, sleepy, lovey (laced with an undercurrent of aggression) way that gin does.  He has his issues, but I think he is going to be a great dog for my parents. 

Now I only need a way to get Raji to quit eating my panties while they are drying!!!  Two pairs in the last 24 hours!!!