While We are on the Subject…

Marvellous Spatultail Hummingbird from Dubi Shapiro

Marvellous Spatultail Hummingbird from Dubi Shapiro
(click photo to go to Dubi’s gallery on Peru)

Isn’t this photo wonderful???!!!  I found it while doing some research on this hummingbird.  Dubi Shapiro was kind enough to let me use it.  I wanted to share this video about the Spatultail.  Every time I watch it, I always end up dewy-eyed in wonderment!!!!

Click these words to watch the 2.5 minute video from BBC–it is AMAZING!!!

If you have a slower computer, you may wish to let the video play once while stopping to buffer while you make a cup of coffee or tea, then hit the replay button at the end of the short film and it should play through nice and smooth!