Wow!  I can’t believe it has been this long since a post.  I’m sorry about that.  I am having issues with my computer shutting down often enough for me to avoid being on it as much as possible.  Nevertheless, I must report that yesterday the little egg hatched and a baby hummer was born!  I am so excited!  I thought for sure that a crow would come and eat the egg, especially since there is very little cover now on my snow bush.  Here are some pictures I snapped really quickly before work.  Looking at my last post,  I know now for certain the gestation period is 22 days.  I will try to get some better pictures.  Computer is getting wiped clean later this week, so there will be another little hiatus.

Baby Hummer on its Birthday!!!! 1

Teeny tiny baby hummer–smaller than a penny!

Baby Hummer on its Birthday!!!! 2

My, what big peepers you have!!!
(It thinks I am its mama and is opening its beak for food)

Baby Hummer on its Birthday!!!! 3

Check out those pin feathers!