One Egg

While breakfasting on my patio today, I noticed the hummingbird, which has been rebuilding a nest this past week in her old spot, sitting very still for many minutes at a time.  When she flew away to chase the competing female away from her territory, I sneaked to the nest and snapped this photo.  I wonder if by the end of the day there will be a second egg?  It is about the size of a Jelly Belly jelly bean. 


How does she fly around with even one of these things inside of her—let alone TWO???

Hummingbirds 2013 One egg

Looking out my window now while typing this, she looks as though she is finished with laying eggs for the moment.  She is sitting for only about a minute at a time before flying off to still collect material—fluff and spider webs with which to augment her nest.