Missed Shot

My mother and I were walking to the market yesterday when we rounded a corner a block from our house.  The street was empty of people and cars, however there was this horse tied outside of a house.  It was a great photo-op.  I told my mother to wait up while I dug furiously for my camera in my purse, not expecting to use it so soon.  By the time I had the camera out, turned on, and aimed for the horse, the owner of the horse came out of the house.  The shot was ruined.  I was so upset, I almost asked if the owner would go back inside the house for a second (but I didn’t).  Here is the shot that I got, which isn’t very good because I had the macro focus on, and of course, the composition of the shot was ruined.  Next time I am in my parents’ neighborhood, I am stalking that corner on the weekends until I get the shot I wanted with that horse solo!