Kicking Love

Today, I had opportunity to go swimming in a small private pool.  The tranquility was soothing as I sat down on the pool’s edge, slipping my feet in the water.  I started to absently kick, scattering silvery-gold rainbows of reflected light.   I became mesmerized with the way the kicking of my feet distorted the ruler-straight grid lines produced by the rows of tiles.  The more intense or the longer that I kicked, the more shimmering arches I would make and the more the environment of the pool produced the optical illusion of being affected.

Pool 1

I thought about how the vibe of our emotions and essence is like this.  We are creating waves of frequency which affect and distort our environment.  We can literally draw people to us or repel them with that which we radiate.  The longer we hold a certain frequency, the more our surroundings can become altered in either a positive or negative way.
Pool 2

This was the perfect visual example of how important it is to try to radiate waves of light and love from the core of our being.  Why does this seem so difficult at times?   I can get hung up on some stupid stuff!!!   During the times I get angry or frustrated, I need to remember that I do better when I set aside time to meditate and be still.  Once I stop kicking, the pool becomes tranquil again.

Pool 3

I basked in the sun enjoying the pretty beams of light I stirred in my pool while thinking of those whom I love.