Eggs 3
I asked a friend how I could help today in her kitchen.  She had purchased some fresh chicken and turkey eggs at the market that morning and had just finished washing them off, since “sometimes there are still some feathers in with the eggs”.  She asked if I could rub them lightly with olive oil before she put them away in the refrigerator.  Evidently by washing them off, she removes some sort of natural coating which protects the eggs.  By rubbing them after washing with olive oil, she feels that the eggs will last longer.
Eggs 1
Rubbing olive oil on the smooth shells of the eggs, I was struck by how beautiful they looked in her kitchen.  Filled with great joy handling a very fresh, natural food, I snapped a couple of shots.  I don’t know if rubbing the eggs with olive oil actually helps them last longer, but it makes sense.  You can see the pores of the egg shells in the photos. 

Eggs 2

I like how the screen added more texture to the light filtering in through the window.

I wish I could get fresh eggs where I live!