Sunrise: Time for Bed!!!

Usually the only time I am up to see the sunrise is when I haven’t been to bed. Today was more of the same. I was adding water to the fountain on the patio before hitting the hay. I checked out the sky, as I always do, and saw it filled with pretty pink and purple puffs. I walked out to the street to get a better look, and then ended up grabbing my car keys and my camera. I drove a few blocks away and took this picture. It really is stunningly beautiful here.


Sun is up; time for bed!

Sun is up; time for bed!


I can’t believe it, but on the way to and fro I ran into two neighbors: Ross and Motocrash! It was lovely to end the day (and start it) by seeing two dear ones. Lucky me; I get to have lunch with Motocrash whenever I rally out of bed in a few hours.

On the short jaunt back to my apartment, seeing the clouds behind the hills reminded me of the gorgeous mountain sunrises and sunsets I partook of in Arizona. It is strange that today’s sunrise over the harbor makes me realize how much I really really miss Arizona and the desert!!!