Chower Your Showtay


This is chote (show-tay) and it likes high tropical forests.  The fruit, hanging loose above, is boiled in water with sugar for a dessert. The locals also dry it, pulverize it, and then put it in water and then drink it as a tea for the kidneys.  Chote has been used since ancient times by indigenous people.  It is a diuretic, but is also used to treat ear infections, diabetes and respiratory ailments.  I think I took these pictures around Concá, in the Sierra Gorda biosphere, Querétaro, Mexico.

Chayote 3

Very masculine looking! A good 12 inches long! Me likey!

It is also known as: Parmentiera edulis, Cuajilote, Cuachilote, Guetoxiga, Kat, Turi, Quauhxilotl

Chayote 2

They hang to the left, they hang to the right.

I asked my Mexican dad why is it that he and his countrymen can pronounce “chote” but not “shower” (chow-er).   He blankly blinked a few seconds before he burst out laughing.

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