What Could Be Better?

Freshly made butterMy first attempt

Freshly made butter
~My first attempt

This is the butter I made, and it is delicious!!!

I’m wondering if I will buy store-bought butter again.

It is easy to do, you can check out how to and the chemistry behind it in the link below.  Along with comments after I made it.

I definitely recommend using a beater, blender, or a food processor–I made this a few days ago and my biceps are still very sore!!!

Yeah, I know I used a product that I said I was boycotting.  Believe me, there are SO many times that I have gone without dairy because Horizon was the only organic one available.  My justification was that Horizon has been incredibly gracious through my various communications with them.  They have responded quickly and kindly to every message I have sent them while we were trying to get GMOs labeled in California.  (Their parent company, Dean Foods, spent thousands of dollars to defeat prop 37.)  Also, I appreciate that my grocery store carries any organic heavy whipping cream at all, and I want to encourage them to continue doing so. 

(But truthfully, I just had to try the science project in the video as soon as possible.)

I have already bought heavy whipping cream from Organic Valley for my next batch.  I’m going to try and culture it.

The how-to video is after my very general review of a few high-end butters.  Warning, I do refer to one butter as having come from another part of the cow: