Thank you, Porkchop!

Thank you, Porkchop!

पवित्र White पवित्र

White is the sum of all colors. 

White is reflective. 

Therefore, white gives back. 

What is it you would like to receive?


Rogue Begonia

White is the symbol for purity.  In ceremonies, it is given as the color of spirituality.

Since the ancients taught that we are already pure, they laughed at the teachers who advocated penitence and self-mortification as spiritual methods.  They said: “We are already holy.  Why struggle to become something we already are?”

The masters of penitence argued that we need to refine ourselves, to cleanse away disgusting desires to arrive at the pure soul inside.

The ancients replied: “If a prince dresses in different clothes, does that change the fact that he is a prince?  You are already Tao.  Why be so stupid as to obscure yourself when you were born complete?”

The masters of penitence declared: “Humans are evil.  Humans are filled with greed.  Even the innocent child is corrupted in this ocean of suffering.  Let us practice holiness, so that we can return to the pure state.”

The ancients only smiled and said: “If we take up a stone and rub and rub, can we make it into a diamond?”

“Not if it wasn’t a diamond to begin with,” the masters of penitence admitted.

With that, the ancients walked away. 

–From Deng Ming-Dao, Everyday Tao 

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