“Why be so proud that you refuse to take little steps when little steps are all that you can do?  If you cannot make grand strides, at least try to move an inch.  An inch in one direction, than an inch in another already makes a span of two inches.  Gradually, we can improve upon that.  We need patience, and we need to know where we are going, but if we remember the significance of an inch, then we always have room to move.
Look at a redwood.  It does not grow to its height all at once.  It goes little by little.  So slowly and gradually do its roots move that it can find a toehold even in seemingly solid rock.  In time, with its inch-by –inch movements, that redwood can split granite and still find sustenance for itself.  At the same time, the redwood moves inch by inch upward and expands inch by inch in girth.  Given enough time, the tree can outlive many creatures on earth by generations and attain a stature difficult to uproot.
The redwood does not disdain the tactics of the inch.  How can we?”

~ From Everyday Tao by Deng Ming-Dao


Yepirate’s post ( ) about the different guests he would have over for drinkies and dinner reminded me of the movie Touching the Void.   Touching the Void is a powerful and extraordinarily well-crafted documentary/ reenactment about the summit of the previously unclimbed Siula Grande in Peru by two young mountain climbers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates.  They reach the top after much difficulty, but on descent, Simpson suffers a fall and breaks his leg.   Yates tries to save his friend by lowering him down the mountain.  At one point, it seems as if Simpson is going to drag Yates over the side of the mountain to their death.  After holding out as long as possible, Yates cuts the rope which is holding his friend suspended over a crevasse.  Simpson falls deep into the mountain and miraculously makes it out alive by basically following the tactics of the redwood.

The trailer: 

If it is available to you, rent this movie online from your favorite trusted and legitimate source    or purchase it (used for $1 on Amazon at this posting).