Weekly Photo Challenge: Man-Made Geometry and Jodorowsky

Mexico, Vietnam, Mexico, Vietnam, Mexico, and Mexico! 

I never took a picture of the Torres de Satélite, which Alejandro Jodorowsky used in his film, Holy Mountain, but these also bring to mind Geometry.  Click here for the trailer to the film or here to watch the film itself (I am not affiliated with these youtube channels).  Um.  Be forewarned.  If you are not familiar with Jodorowsky, he isn’t for everyone.  Also, the trailer doesn’t give you any idea about the movie at all.  If you are into psychedelic art films about going on a spiritual journey while exposing various hypocrisies and slaughtering sacred cows, this MIGHT be fun for you.  If you are easily offended or über religious, do not watch it.  You will be unhappy with me.  At one time Jodorowsky was banned from Mexico, and I think I remember my friends telling me that people demonstrated against Jodorowsky using the towers in Satélite and filming there.  I’m not sure watching this film on youtube can do it justice (as opposed to watching it on a larger screen).  Posting the link to the film makes me want to get out my Jodorowsky film collection.