Weekly Photo Challenge-Foreign

As a kid in San Francisco, I remember being stuck on various freeways and bridges for what seemed like hours and hours; I used to commute daily from Satélite to the Zona Rosa in Mexico City; I have been applauded for my driving skills during rush hour in Florence; and I’ve already whined about driving in the Los Angeles area in this blog. I am no stranger to traffic.

Nothing can prepare a Westerner for the experience of traffic in Saigon. Thinking I was already intimate partners with the concept, I was surprised that it seemed so foreign.

The youtube video was filmed by my friend, VFly. We were both in a cyclo (pronounced sit-lo), which is a tricycle with a passenger seat. The clip doesn’t really give you the full experience, since the camera is facing forward and what is so hair-raising is looking to either side of you and seeing all the traffic streaming towards you from every direction.

Video advisory: There is a fair amount of profanity–mostly in the form of “holy s***”– being used at intersections.  I like that someone on a scooter waves to us in the very beginning of the video.