Root Beer and Molasses

For breakfast and a pick-me-up snack, I am really digging the darker, more intensely flavored honeys in my collection with the 100% cocao Dagoba organic chocolate. Here is the chocolate with Moon Shine Trading Company Hawaiian Christmas Berry Honey and a bit of freshly crushed pink peppercorn on top. Although it looks pretty and sounds exotic, I preferred it without the pink peppercorn.

By itself, the Moon Shine Trading Company Hawaiian Christmas Berry Honey is a dark amber, American coffee color. The nose is complex, starting off very earthy with some tar and prunes. Then cocao, root beer and molasses all make a show, with some licorice, menthol, and the bitter oranges and caramel one finds in Madeira peeking in. The palate starts off surprisingly high pitched with moderate “acidity”, but then it begins to reflect the nose, quickly dropping down a couple of octaves into its earthy tar notes, falling further into a lower bass of molasses. It then lightens up and goes into the root beer and brown sugar and a wee bit of menthol which linger into a light clean finish of moderate length. This honey is not for the faint of heart.

It stands up beautifully to the dark unsweetened chocolate, which the honey rounds out without becoming bitter.  I would use a little bit when baking with molasses or brown sugar to add some depth.