Any Thing is Possible

Two films which remind me of this:

Man on Wire


Tajna Nikole Tesle

Both are bittersweet, but for very different reasons.

Man on Wire is obvious, since the Twin Towers are no more, and with the amount of security and surveillance these days, could Petite get away with his shenanigans? His story is wonderful and almost unbelievable!

Tajna Nikole Tesle is more disturbing. Tesla wanted to provide the world with energy at such a low cost it would practically be free by merely tapping into the ionosphere or the earth. His story makes me wonder how many geniuses are sent, while human beings basically disregard these angels once they are seen to no longer serve a purpose toward obtaining monetary riches or by stroking the ego by telling people what they want to hear.

I wonder about those who believe a Messiah is coming. Will we be able to recognize Him if we cannot use Him for something other than spiritual gain? We say we want answers, but do we really?

Still, anything is possible. I have seen and experienced incredible beauty of such complexity– I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around it. To know that this beauty is a part of every single part of our reality, no matter how simple, also boggles. Not a day goes by where I don’t experience some kind of heart-felt wonder and gratitude at knowing of our interconnectedness.

For those who feel like they have not experienced this interconnectedness first hand, Tesla helped prove this as well.  This is touched upon in the above film.