Weekly Photo Challenge: Big (Squared)

I am always struck by the enormity that is El D.F., especially after that 15 minute mark hits.  We’ve been flying low, over enormous population, on our approach to the airport.  And since I am used to flying, I keep expecting to land any moment, but no.  The city goes on forever.

This time, I also noticed the huge difference in the air quality.  About six life-times ago, I used to hang out in the hills overlooking Mexico City wrapped around this or that boy.  During the day, we would comment on the heavy awning of smog that hung over the city.  As the sun gave way to the moon, we would watch the lights start to illuminate the landscape like fireflies at dusk on a Midwestern summer’s night.   We would fruitlessly try to fathom the sheer number each one of those flickering orbs represented of people going about the mundane.   


Now I live in Southern California and am used to the soupy grime one flies through to get to LAX or SNA.  Some days, I feel like its dreck creates enough resistance during a driving commute, that it affects my gas mileage! 

On this pictured particular flight (either from Villahermosa to Mexico City or Mexico City to Cancun), I couldn’t believe how clear the skies seemed over my beloved old stomping grounds, especially since I had SoCal with which to compare it.