Bursts of Friendship

I am overcome by happy and warm feelings of friendship.  It is Yappers birthday, so I tried to find a picture which illustrates the slightly unreal beauty that is he.  Above, taken during a recent walk around the neighborhood, is what I came up with.

But more importantly (sorry, Yappers), I just got off the phone with a friend to whom I haven’t spoken in some time.  He is one of my three friends whom I consider a guardian angel.  He was sent to me at a time when I needed immeasurable assistance.

I have been putting off calling Angel #2, because he is so very busy and active.  What makes this person an invaluable friend is that he ALWAYS seems to be available when I need him. It doesn’t matter whether I am in a stand-still on a California freeway and need an alternate route to my destination, or if I am mulling something round in my mind which I need advice on, or simply that I wish to hear a voice of reason from someone intelligent, Angel #2 always has time for me and always has an opinion on the topic.  I usually get the urge to pick up the phone during his precious moments of downtime.   I don’t want to be disruptive to his current relationship or take away from his time to sleep, so I keep putting off the calls and the texts.

I am so grateful for having this security blanket, even if it does stay folded on the top-most shelf of my closet and rarely gets taken down.

Wrapped around my shoulders, it always provides indescribable warmth.

Thank you, Angel #2.  You are loved.