Bagnio della Luna

Earlier this week we had clear skies and a radiant Harvest Moon. The night of the full moon and for the following two evenings, I went out on my patio in the wee hours and sat on my little meditation stool to bathe in her light. On the third night, I took a shower, put my hair into a knot, and then slipped out into the night in my little silk kimono. I sat quietly gazing at the magical quality everything had been tinged with. The fountain bubbled a glistening monochrome. The leaves of plants shone liquid metal. I became overcome with the moon.  My fingers slid up and gently unfastened my hair. I slackened the sash on my robe and let that slip off of my shoulders, eventually to become discarded. My eyes occasionally flitted to a neighbor’s window flickering with television blue, but for the most part, I was able to completely lose my self in my luminous spa.