©Doing some research into the meaning and folklore of cyclamen, I found out that they are a flower of departures—a “goodbye” flower.  They are considered so much so, pregnant women were not to walk on cyclamen, lest the child decide to leave their incubation chamber too soon!  For women that are late in their pregnancy and want to speed things up a bit, it is recommended that the expectant mother wear cyclamen.  Cyclamen are a powerful (and dangerous) purgative, which may be another reason that they have a correlation with “leaving”.  The Language of Flowers gives the meaning of cyclamen as “diffidence”, which means timidity.  I can see offering a cyclamen plant shyly to a potential love, for they are gorgeous without making as serious of a statement and commitment that other flowers, such as roses, do.  Cyclamen somehow seem safer, like a flower one could just as easily give to Grandmother.  Cyclamen are also associated with romance, voluptuousness, and love—but I wonder if this is because people do not want to identify their showgirl-frilly beauty solely with goodbyes.