In the Raw

This is how my morning routine typically begins.  I brew Japanese green tea.  I then select a jar of honey from my collection and have a spoonful.(This one is Xiui-Teenek from Jalpan in the Sierra Gorda in the state of Querétaro, Mexico.)  I also usually select some dark chocolate to slowly enjoy with my tea.  Since I have been on this 100% unsweetened organic dark kick, I will add a few small chunks to my spoon of honey.   I say hello to my trusty side-kick and beloved friend of many years, Leroy the Lion.  I then go with my tea and chocolate out to my patio to say good morning to my plants and add water to the fountain.   Today I was dead-heading an impatiens and threw the flower and yellow leaf on my chair cushion.   By the by, I looked down at them and realized how much beauty and prana was to be found in that which I had so carelessly discarded.