On the Tracks

© Letting our eyes lead us to breakfast, Motocrash and I ended up at the Ramos House Café in San Juan Capistrano.

A quaint little place right by the train tracks.

I say skip the lox and go for the truffled mac and cheese with wild mushrooms and the scallops with sweet pea succotash.   Citrus Fizz served as good dog hair since it had some Champers in it.  Ditch the straw though.  I am a firm believer that cocktails should never be consumed through straws.

Aside from the yummy Eurotrash that was talking on his cell phone just outside the patio, an alternate view from our table.

Motocrash wanted to steal the little potted pepper plant which served as décor for the table.  Here they are nestled together after we closed the restaurant (breakfast began at 2pm today).

A close-up for Motocrash.  Oh, I almost forgot! I wanted a wee something sweet to go with my cappuccino after breakfast.  I ordered the apple beignets.  Motocrash’s hefeweizen with a squirt of lemon went really well with them!  Forego the mediocre coffee and order beer instead!