California Dreamin’

I love being in the ocean!   A friend of mine was showing me pictures he took of himself recently while surfing with a little GoPro camera.  I thought some of them were… Continue reading

Aire Musical

One of the things I love about Mexico is that there always seems to be music in the air. I had to go to a second drug store on the main drag through… Continue reading


A little bit of herbal magic on the house with my espresso at La Taberna J & R.  Thank you, Victor, for providing me a little oasis this afternoon! Everything I have had here is… Continue reading


Coming home from the hospital this evening, a double rainbow in Tequis.    

You Don’t Need a Lawyer to Get Your Mexican Citizenship if One of Your Parents is Mexican

YAY!!!  I have my Mexican Citizenship!!!   It was so much easier and quicker than I expected.    I was born in the USA.  My father is Mexican, and my mother is American. … Continue reading

Teddy Bear

I think this little hummer outside my window looks like a little teddy bear.  

Bracts & Butterfly

Seen on the walk to the market with my mother the last time I was in Mexico…


This is what I was tucking into as I called my father to tell him I should have my Mexican passport by next Wednesday.   I had two dear friends sit with me… Continue reading

Good Luck????

Not so long ago I was getting a pedicure.  As the woman was finishing with the lacquer, she asked me if I wanted a flower.  I have never really considered myself one for… Continue reading

Papi’s Hues

A special gallery of flowers for my Father…  

Succulent Mystery

A pretty surprise on a recent walk. Anyone know what kind of succulent this is?

Cup O’ Woods & Sea

Drink in nature.   The gorgeously delicious clam and mushroom soup at Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori in Fountain Valley… Oh, you are supposed to eat the cabbage they give you between bites of Yakitori (grilled… Continue reading